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From Girl Next Door to Next Female JT Foxx

Like most entrepreneurs,  I felt a little crazy and alone at the start of my entrepreneurial journey.  I’ve always been someone who saw and thought of life differently than the majority of those around me.  I've always believed that there's more to life and that I have more potential than I was living.  I knew that I would never be satisfied with mediocrity.  It has always been fairly easy for me to see opportunities and had many ideas. The problem was that I had no idea what to do with it and where or how to start.
So about three years ago when I saw a facebook advertisement of a free entrepreneur seminar hosted by a South African speaker and coach (whose name I’m not going to mention), I jumped at the opportunity.  At this point I didn’t really even know what entrepreneurship meant but I believed that I would find some answers I was looking for.
After half a day at the seminar, I only had about three pages' worth of content to take home.  It was more a sell-a-thon than any…